This year……

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Happy New Year everyone. I have been away in Austria for a while. Now back, 700 pounds heavier and sick of eating sausages.

The break always gives me a chance to get back into stuff like Hearts of Iron 4 and spending more time learning the systems of the A320 by FS Labs. I now have to get back to work after such a long break.

This website is going to another host soon. I am trying to work out the best way to do it. None of the options seem too easy and stress-free. So if you see it unavailable for a couple of days that is what’s happening.


Steam Sale Splurge

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Sometimes the discounts on these sales are so good it would be rude not to. This year I got the list below. It’s funny because I use the wishlist feature on Steam but almost inevitably end up getting stuff completely different once the sales start. One thing I did get that was completely off my radar was the Steam Link box. This device allows you to play any Steam game on your tv via your home network. It had a 90% discount from £39.99 to a lovely £3.99 I couldn’t refuse.

  • Total War Napoleon
  • XCOM2
  • XRebirth 4.0
  • X3 Terran Conflict
  • Motorsport Manager

I only recently started to get into the Total War series of games and now I am trying to plow through the vast back catalog of those games. The space stuff is something quite new for me. I liked and still like Elite Dangerous but that grinding kills me, to be honest. So I have been looking for something new.


Steel Division

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This looks interesting. Steel Division  Normandy 44 (yep, another title with the word steel) made by the same guys who made the Wargame series. My heart sank a little when I heard it was being developed by this company simply because it will probably be the same with a WW2 coat on. That’s great for some people but not me. However, when I started to read about it, they were saying things like “Fewer mouse clicks per minute” and “more tactical elements”.

Anyway, just a heads.

Observe Sights Fire!

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When I was in The British Army my bread and butter was to conduct the “Section Attack ” hard, fast and aggressively.  When I first joined up our training was focused around this attack. We spent days and days practicing them on the Welsh hills deep in the Brecon Beacons. So in ARM 3 I am trying to coordinate a typical section attack and all it’s phases. It’s actully turned out to be quite difficult. In fact, it’s a lot harder to do on a PC than in real life. I’m hoping it will give some insight into the thought processes a section commander has to consider, on the fly and how the situation unfolds.

Anyway, the video is coming on nicely now but I still have some editing and recording to do.

Falcon 4.0 Prima’s Official Strategy Guide.

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“To be a successful (and lethal) Falcon pilot, you must understand concepts like aspect angle, antenna train angle, collision antenna train angle, offset turning room and conversion turns”

Falcon 4.0 Prima Strategy Guide

Primas Official Strategy Guide for Falcon 4.0 is full of golden nuggets like this.  Although Falcon 4.0 is long in the tooth now and we all fly BMS 4.33, the literature in the manuals is still relevant to us that fly and fight in the virtual skies. That’s because it’s physics and that’s not going to change if we still fly jets.

I am a sucker for a good old fashioned, thick manual. The Falcon 4.0 manual must be one of my favourites. It weighs a lot but more importantly it is good. I have 3 copies. Why? Well, one is the original manual I bought when I got the simulation back in 1998 and this is well thumbed, full of coffee stains and stinks of nicotine from the days when I smoked. The other is a pristine copy that I never use. It’s just there as a fresh copy. I also have the binder version which I think was released in the USA. Ridiculous I know.

I had Primas Strategy Guide for Falcon 4.0 about 5 years ago,I sold it among other things on eBay. It sold for £30 much to my surprise. I have seen them being sold for as much as £70! Anyway, this copy was on eBay for 20 quid so I got it. It feels like the collection is complete.

Falcon 4.0 Prima Strategy Guide Falcon 4.0 Prima Strategy Guide