Arma 3 New Flight Models

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I spent a couple of hours trying out the new flight models in Arma 3 this morning after going for a run in Hurricane Big Bertha (it didn’t even rain). The flight models before were gamey but still fun to fly. You have to change the settings to advanced flight model in the set-up menu as it defaults to biff easy mode. Apparently they have taken the technology used in Take On Helicopters and used it here but to me it still feels toned down. I know Arma 3 is not a flight simulation but a military simulation and I am pleased none the less that they have improved this neglected part of what is a very fine sim.

I have also installed a program that lets me command my troops via voice. It’s free and it works really well. It’s called Glovepie. I have a great Arma 3 script for it and if you want to use it just give me a shout. With this script i had it up and running within minutes without any problems whatsoever. For a free voice command program that to me is fantastic.

The maps in Arma 3 are nothing short of a work of art. Huge and changing in character as you explore these wonderful islands. I find myself in the middle of an infantry engagement in the heat of battle pausing for a moment and just saying “wow!”

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