Achtung Panzer Operation Star and Update.

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I am really enjoying Gettysburg at the moment. The designers keep adding small patches based on customer feedback and bug reporting. These come in on quite a regular basis which is always a good sign. I have found that i can slow the pace down just by backing off from the battle and taking more time to consider moves (probably a good idea in a lot of cases anyway). This also has the advantage of increasing assets such as morale etc. It’s far from an in-depth tactical and strategic complex simulation but i am still getting a lot of fun out of it.

I have also just purchased Achtung Panzer Operation Star after Steam reduced its price by 75%. I have had my eye on this for a while now and it has been sitting in my wish list for a good few months. I wasn’t willing to pay £30 for the title after buying Blaze of War from the same developers which simply doesn’t work on my pc. Although i did get to play it for a short period of time i could see something good in there as long as you worked out the complex system of controls.

I have had a go at Operation Star after trawling through some very helpful tutorials and reading through some forums. This is going to be great. The user interface is frustrating but like everything after you put a bit of effort in you get the rewards.

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