1967 Downtown Alpha Strike – CMANO

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I missed out on all the Harpoon games and have tried the demo a few times but I always got lost and found it hard to do any task within the game.

I have had Command Ops / Modern Naval Warfare for well over year now. I have put in about 35 hours in total so far but most of this time has been taken up by completing the tutorials (which are very good).

This mission takes part in 1967 during the Vietnam war. You have to plan and implement an Alpha strike against 2 targets in and around Hanoi. This, of course, all took place during Operation Rolling Thunder.

Alpha Strike

An Alpha strike is typically a large strike representing a “deck load” of aircraft, i.e.,the amount of aircraft that can be brought to the flight deck, armed and launched against a high-value target. This will generally amount to about half of the aircraft aboard and will comprise aircraft from all squadrons on board and are also referred to as airwing-size strikes. The other half will normally have been recently recovered aircraft and will be parked and prepared for their next mission on the hangar deck below the flight deck. During an Alpha strike the carrier will remain into the wind and at General Quarters with a “ready deck” to recover any aircraft returning to the ship with battle damage. During the Vietnam War an Alpha strike also meant that the target of a strike was specifically taken from a target list maintained by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and as such required JCS authorization.

Unsurprisingly this is quite hard to coordinate in a such a dense area of SAMS and AAA. However, the interface in CMANO makes this task a lot easier than I thought.

So far I have only set up the missions and now find I’m ready to launch. Here goes!

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  • RangerX3X


    Are you flying the SEAD sortie at the same time as the strike groups, or just ahead of them? The tutorial for conducting an Alpha Strike is somewhat vague regarding this.


    • Phil


      I do have the SEAD in front yes. I try to time it so there isn’t a large gap between the SEAD and the main strike force. In Falcon 4 BMS etc when I flew online we would time it with just 40 to 30 seconds gaps. I would love to be able to really fine tune the planning phase with timings, altitude and speed etc. I know I can do that but it’s live if that makes sense? I want to pre-plan.


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