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Sitting in the backseat of an F-14B Tomcat on a precision bombing run, at night waiting for the target to appear on a monochrome screen inches from your face really is a nerve racking and high pressured experience. You just hope you have got your switchology all done in the correct sequence and you haven’t missed anything. If you haven’t done it right then the chances of that laser guided bomb hitting your target reduces dramatically.

Black Aces High, a book that I have just read about F-14’s in combat during the Balkans war in the early 90’s describes the use of the LANTIRN in great detail. This is why I have started to learn how to use it.

Being the RIO (Radar Intercept Officer) is a new and welcome challenge in DCS or any other simulation for that matter. It’s an effort to learn and I am just scratching the surface. Luckily we have former RIO’s who also fly this and share there fantastic knowledge.

Below is a guide written by a former RIO.

Download F-14 LANTIRN Guide


Radio General

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I have been living and breathing inside the cockpit and the RIO’s pit of DCS F-14B for the last few weeks. So it was refreshing to come across something that has piqued my interest in the form of Radio General.

A while back I posted about Radio Commander. I didn’t know it had a rival but in a WW2 flavor. The screenshots on the website look superb and I can’t wait to approach a game like this with this original approach.

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I love Air Traffic Control. There I said it. Don’t go! I have interesting things to say. OK, so now we have this readership down to just two, that’s me and you we can talk openly about ATC simulation.

Flight simulation has a very niche market but wait, we can shrink that down even further when we talk about and try Air Traffic Control. Now! We are digging into the recesses of geek.

I wanted to open my site further with a whole section about it. First I wanted to see what was new. I have a few simulations that I use every now and then but haven’t really bothered with lately.

Openscope popped up and at first I was put off by it’s browser based framework. However this is a little gem that is a great way to start with a serious level of ………….approach…………. I won’t do that again I promise. It has just about everything you need. It even has a synthesised voice feedback that has variation.

It has a huge list of airports to control and lots of options to make it interesting and give it some longevity. The interface is clean and very easy to use. It has a simple tutorial to get you started and further reading and controls for more advanced stuff.

I will be adding more on this subject and expanding the site to incorporate and inform you of the great programs you can run from your PC to get you controlling those blips on the screen.

In the meantime checkout Openscope. It’s superb.