Silence The Guns

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I managed to find a bit of time this evening to have a go at one of the Missions in Combat Missions Battle For Normandy. I chose “Silence The Guns” because i heard it was designed around the famous scene from the movie Band Of Brothers where Lieutenant Winters takes a group of men to find and take out some 88’s.

I have to admit i get my butt whooped big time in this game. I do try to use some form of tactics and don’t just rush in but this is proving to be one tough nut to crack. In this mission one of my machine gun teams gets taken out right on the point of contact where i try to sneak (hunt) up to the hedgeline where the German trenches are located. After that i push all my men up to that hedge and try to win the firefight which takes a good 10 to 15 minutes. I then leave a squad of men to provide covering fire while i push the rest into the trenches for cover and get the last machine gun team to deploy to provide more covering fire.

This is about as far as i can get and then it turns ugly with 2 enemy teams of infantry and gunners opening up on us from the North West of the map. Here i have saved it and i will continue to press on to the rest of the 88’s when i can.

This game is great.

Silence The Guns

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