What the?

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I have literally had no time to pursue my hobby at all. Which is why it has been slightly quiet around here. I have managed to get some scenarios going in Steal Beasts Pro in anticipation of the new release but nothing to shout about. I have been considering getting Silent Hunter 4 with all the mods on my hard drive in an effort to expand on the Naval stuff here. So this weekend barring any disasters i will have a go and report back promptly.


Combat Mission

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I am all over the place with the amount of games i have going on at the moment and each one calling me to play more. I wish i could.

For ages i have looked for an RTS or RPG game that isn’t a click fest. I was looking for a strategy game that you can sit back, think about and plan and have to use sound tactics to get anywhere. It had to be modern warfare or any of the World Wars. I downloaded the demo for Combat Missions Battle For Normandy about 2 years ago, i had a go and i just didn’t like the clunky control system. I deleted it and then a few months later i had another go, the same thing happened. Anyway on with my search. Every time i looked for the slower more cerebral game i kept on coming back to Combat Mission. So i took the plunge and just purchased it.

This kind of forced me to get my head round it. So after watching a few tutorials and reading through the great forums over at Battlefront.com i managed to complete my first mission with a decisive victory. The satisfaction of doing that was awesome. This has to be added as another game and i can already hear my wife getting the divorce papers ready after spending way to much time doing this.

CM Normandy


Naval War Arctic Circle

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Got my grubby hands on this title from Paradox Games recently. It’s a Tactical Warfare Game (far from a sim) but it has a lot going for it. You command assets on a large-scale much like Fleet Command but this looks better. Anyway at the moment i have done a few tutorials and managed to detect contacts such as subs and fighter aircraft using the systems at hand. Having a blast.


FsBuild, Topcat and PMDG.

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I use Fsbuild along with Topcat for most of my fuel and flight planning now. It took a bit of fiddling with cfg files etc to get the data in-putted to match up with what the computer (CDU) in PMDG 737-800 was outputting. I know you can just use the CDU to get all those figures and sometimes I do just that. However I prefer doing it this way because it is more realistic. It feels like a proper dispatch has been created for any given flight.

Today I put a flight together from EGCC (Manchester UK) to ESSA (Arlanda Stockholm). The preparation to set my desktop with all the correct hardware and the flight planning takes me about 20 minutes in total. Great flight that went without any problems apart from feeling rushed in the landing because the wife and kids were waiting for me to go out somewhere.