Naval War Arctic Circle

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Got my grubby hands on this title from Paradox Games recently. It’s a Tactical Warfare Game (far from a sim) but it has a lot going for it. You command assets on a large-scale much like Fleet Command but this looks better. Anyway at the moment i have done a few tutorials and managed to detect contacts such as subs and fighter aircraft using the systems at hand. Having a blast.


FsBuild, Topcat and PMDG.

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I use Fsbuild along with Topcat for most of my fuel and flight planning now. It took a bit of fiddling with cfg files etc to get the data in-putted to match up with what the computer (CDU) in PMDG 737-800 was outputting. I know you can just use the CDU to get all those figures and sometimes I do just that. However I prefer doing it this way because it is more realistic. It feels like a proper dispatch has been created for any given flight.

Today I put a flight together from EGCC (Manchester UK) to ESSA (Arlanda Stockholm). The preparation to set my desktop with all the correct hardware and the flight planning takes me about 20 minutes in total. Great flight that went without any problems apart from feeling rushed in the landing because the wife and kids were waiting for me to go out somewhere.

Combined Arms

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The choice was to either get Combined Arms (another DCS module) or Arma 3 Alpha. I decided to get Combined Arms because i just wasn’t sure about paying £20 for an Alpha and later having to pay for the full version. Anyway the decision has been made.

Combined Arms is not a full on war simulation and i think it kind of falls somewhere in between Arma and Steal Beasts Pro. Which is not a bad thing it’s  just a different approach. I’ve only spent a couple of hours playing around with it but already I’m starting to like it. Limited yes but a lot of fun.

combined arms


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All i have been doing lately with regards to anything simulation is DCS stuff. No apologies , it really is the best stuff out there at the moment for just the shear joy of flying from the desktop. I have to admit and as you can see from previous posts I found the P-51 Mustang to be a bit underwhelming but after getting into the manual and reading about this awesome aircraft i have top say this is slowly becoming a favourite. The flight model is superb. Of course i have never flown any aircraft but this one really makes me feel like i am flying and creates that all to elusive illusion of doing just that. If you haven’t already got it and are just thinking about it, stop that now and buy it!

I was doing some low level flying in the hills this evening.