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I have had my head quite literally in the world of VR gaming for the last few weeks. I have got over the initial motion sickness and have no problems with that at all.

Onwards is a first person shooter that has become very popular with Vive and Oculus users. It’s in early access like most games these days. The best way to describe it is Counter Strike on Crack. When you get the main menu you have the option to go to the shooting range to try out all the weapons. Here you have the classic  range with targets and a few rooms and open areas to try out your pistol drills. The use of the weapons using your own hands is brilliant. You have to go through the actual motions to change the magazine and get a round in the chamber. Using grenades is equally realistic. Pulling the pin and lobbing it wherever you like with as little or as much force as you need to works really well.

The servers are mostly busy and it’s not hard to find a match. Most people are cool but it’s the internet so you get the usual teen muppet. Apparently bots are going to be added in future updates for a more co-op experience and that’s something I’m really looking forward to.

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