Naval War Arctic Circle

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Got my grubby hands on this title from Paradox Games recently. It’s a Tactical Warfare Game (far from a sim) but it has a lot going for it. You command assets on a large-scale much like Fleet Command but this looks better. Anyway at the moment i have done a few tutorials and managed to detect contacts such as subs and fighter aircraft using the systems at hand. Having a blast.


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  • Doug


    Unfortunately, the game has a number of crippling bugs that the developers couldn’t or didn’t want to fix. I agree, it’s a much nicer interface to play than Fleet Command and certainly easier to get into than Harpoon 3. I’ve found myself gravitating to Harpoon 3 though over NWAC because at least Harpoon will allow me to finish the larger scenarios.

    I really can’t wait for Command to come out. That’s the logical successor to Harpoon.


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