My Lack Of Tactical Understanding.

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Let me get this out there from the off. I am an ex Infantryman. I served in a regiment in the British Army called The Royal Green Jackets now known as The Rifles. I did a full 6 years which is not very long in the grand scheme of things of course but you would think i would be able to at least have a good understanding of infantry tactics on the battlefield. My training consisted mainly of fighting the Russians in a European theatre of war.

Anyway it turns out I don’t really know that much at all when i read what people share when giving tutorials in simulations like Steal Beasts (tanks i know) and the Combat Missions series where if you apply realistic tactics it rewards you with success.

I of course do know the basics but I think my main problem when approaching these things was my ignorance in thinking i know best when clearly i don’t. So i have started making notes where i went wrong and I still am for that matter. I’m making notes on how i fixed these problems through the investigation of gaining knowledge. I’m hoping i can share this one day so that someone may find it useful.

It’s nice to be humbled and I’m enjoying this learning process immensely.



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