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I got up early and was reading through this brief article giving advice on how to employ armour in Combat Missions. I immediately thought of a mission i was struggling on and thought this would be a great scenario to try those tactics out. Basically it says when moving armour and giving it way-points to check those way-points with the target feature to see if the tank is hull down or not and to give target armour arcs that are tight and facing any known enemy positions.

The mission is Cats Chasing Dogs from Combat Missions Battle For Normandy. It’s not to complicated you just have to get all your forces to the end of the map without taking to many casualties. So with that advice in mind i moved my armour up very slowly with a small dismounted recon force from one of the Jeeps to give me some scouts for forward observation. This worked out really well. The infantry using the hunt command moved forward and saw 3 armoured enemy vehicles. I then moved my 3 M8’s in bounds while giving mutual support by using the pause command for 5 seconds so at least one of them was stationary at any given time with a tight armour arc on the area where the infantry had spotted the vehicles. Boom!! Boom!!! Boom!! the enemy was destroyed very quickly.

This then allowed me to get my infantry up to that line and then i continued all the way through the map using the exact same tactics. Slowly but effectively. It worked out really well and i got a decisive victory.Of course I’m on basic training mode here but this sort of thing gives me great confidence in other scenarios. It’s very satisfying seeing real world tactics working in a game like this.

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  • RangerX3X


    That is great a real world concept functions believably in a game. I am struggling with a scenario in another game where utilizing this approach with the armor may prove beneficial.


  • Doug


    Nice! I love that the more I learn about real-world tactics the better I get at these games/sims. Bil’s blog is a must read.


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