Lost Campaign

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I upgraded to windows 10 and as such deleted all of my video footage of the Graviteam Tactics campaign I was going through on YouTube.

I got my butt kicked anyway so it’s not all bad news on my part. I have started a new one.

We have set-up a hotline for anyone to ring if they feel they can’t go on with life after hearing this clearly devastating news.

In at the deep end – Gary Grigsby’s War In The East.

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A sale on Steam including Don to the Danube and Lost Battles DLC all for 33 quid was an offer I couldn’t refuse. This title has been on my wishlist for many months but the high price was to much for me.


I’m going to approach this long term. Just reading through the manual and my mind is blown at the scale of this game. However small steps at a time and I think I will finally get my head round this. I’m reading Antony Beevor’s Stalingrad at the moment and I am already seeing the depth of historical accuracy this simulation offers of that part of the war. Of course I am no expert I am an amateur looking in and trying to get tips from the experts. I have found some helpful videos on YouTube and the tutorial is guiding me through some tricky concepts.


This is a big project for me and that’s exactly how I am approaching it. I know this is ambitious but eventually I want to tackle the whole campaign. In a way it’s like starting a 10 thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. It’s not going to be finished over night but you will enjoy the long process of putting it all together.

I hope!


Steel Fury – Kharkov 1942

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Based on real-life events that took place from May 12 to 28, 1942, which engaged the Red Army in the fight of their lives. During a vicious German counterattack that began on May 17, 1942, three Soviet Armies were surrounded and were forced to fighting in what has become known as the “meat grinder.” Through the monstrous roar of tanks and military vehicles, and the blaring sounds of war, you take command of various types of tanks. I have this game modded with the winter mod which really adds to the submersion of the eastern front.

I have made a quick video introduction to this really good sim.

steel fury intro


Elite Dangerous

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I have wanted to get my hands on this game for a long time but the initial asking price was way out of my range. Steam recently had a sale on and I got it for a 10 quid. This seems to be the way I get all my games now.


I had heard that docking was particularly hard so I was looking forward to having a crack at that. Look away now because this is the bit where I say it’s easy and come across as a massive big head. It was easy. Really easy. It was a luxury to have so many dimensions to move about in. Didn’t quite line up right? no problem just put some sideslip in and if you want a bit of yaw while not moving and worrying about hovering. You space cadets have it easy 🙂


I played the original Elite (yep I’m that old) way back in the day. I didn’t really get into it but I had a lot of fun travelling around. The inerface and UI in the various menus in this game are the best I have ever seen and add so much to the pleasure of playing. I have only gone through the training menus so far and over the X-Mas period I will dive in more deeper. So far so good.




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Digital Combat Simulations have released the 1.5 update in the form of an open beta and it looks beautiful. DCS has pretty much always looked good to me but this has taken it up to another level. The screenshots below just don’t do it any justice. I wasn’t even aware that such an update was on the horizon but these days I’m not that well informed. I took the A-10C up for a spin on a simulated late afternoon range session. Firing a couple of mavericks at armor followed up by some HE rockets. If you haven’t got  it you can get it for free. You get a couple of aircraft to fly and it’s a great introduction to this fantastic sim.