Saitek Pro Fllight Yoke

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I took delivery of a new Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System a few days ago but i havent had time to give it a go yet. I did jump into a Cessna and have a quick flight to see if it works and indeed it does. I also used it on one of the legs for The Around The World Challenge Feels good and can’t wait to try it out on the 737.


Funny Airline Stories

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Going through a link on Twitter I came across this page. It had me in stitches. Funny stories of chat between ATC and the pilots. Some real classics in there but the one that really stood out for me was this exchange.


The controller working a busy pattern told the 727 on downwind to make a three-sixty–do a complete circle, a move normally used to provide pacing between aircraft.

The pilot of the 727 complained, “Don’t you know it costs us two thousand dollars to make even a one-eighty in this airplane?”

Without missing a beat the controller replied, “Roger, give me four thousand dollars’ worth.”


First Leg

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I completed the first leg of The Around The World Challenge. From Blackpool to Carlisle in the UK.  At just over 80 miles i thought this would be quite simple. For the Challenge you can only use 3 different types of plane i chose the Cessna Caravan. I have to admit i haven’t flown this or an aircraft like it for many years. Anyway nothing to complicated but just after take off i was looking around the cockpit and just above my head to the right i flicked a fuel switch which made the engine die. Dropped altitude to keep the speed up and i managed to get it going again. It’s surprising how much being recorded during the flight can add pressure. Great stuff i love it!


Around The World

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Something i am sure most flight sim enthusiasts have thought about doing is flying around the world virtually.

I have made an attempt about 3 years ago but my pc died and life stuff got in the way. A great approach to this challenge is from these guys over at Around The World Club. A great website and the whole thing looks well organised. To read about other people doing it and seeing there progress is a great motivator. I am eagerly awaiting an email to see if i can be let in.