Huey Sling-load Mission

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Air to Air refuelling used to be one of the hardest things you could do in Flight Simulation especially Falcon BMS and DCS A-10C. It took me years to master it.

Now we have “Take off, pick up a heavy sling-load and drop it off at another location” in DCS Huey. This is by far the most difficult and task saturating thing I have ever tried in any sim. It took me hours to just get into the position where I could hover over the load. Then you have to press a series of buttons to hook up and that’s when the fun starts. Without the load you spend a lot of your time continually inputting foot pedals left and right, cyclic stick in the right hand and the collective in the left. All this has to be coordinated well together to stay in position then with the load added you have to exaggerate all your small inputs and quickly unlearn and learn this way of doing it. I haven’t managed to drop the load off yet but I have managed to create some pretty fireballs. Oh that’s me!

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  • Doug


    You’ve almost convinced me that I need to invest in DCS and get back into flight simming. That used to be almost all I played, 20 years ago. I’m afraid my aging reflexes may not be up to it anymore though!


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