Germany and Helicopters

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I have been in northern Germany for awhile. I was mainly in the Hanover area but spent some time in a place called Osnabruck. While I was there I commented on how nice and new the buildings looked. My friend jabbed me in the ribs with his elbow and said “that’s because it got flattened in the war by allied bombs you dumb shit” that put me in my place.

I’m back in the UK and have access to my PC which I have had to blow the dust off………literally. My boat in Sailaway (see below) is east of Spain deep into the Atlantic heading south. So satisfying to see it still afloat being sailed by the AI.

Yesterday I purchased Argo for DCS Huey. Argo UH-1H DCS World Campaign, is a story driven campaign consisting of you in the role of an experienced Hellenic Army Aviation UH-1 pilot, who was just transferred to the Hellenic Navy under the command of the FFG-46 Argo.

Argo was recently obtained and travelled in Georgia to participate in large scaled NATO exercise called “SEA BREEZE”.

Trying to land a helicopter on a rolling and moving ship is sweaty fun. 

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