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To use Virtual Reality in FSX you need to install a program called Flyinside. This alone is an incredible experience. The program also allows you to import any window. So I imported a video and it works really well. I have loads of training videos and I used to use multi monitors to fly the simulation and watch the videos at the same time. This though allows you to watch the video from within the cockpit.

I made a very short video to try to demonstrate this.

It’s always hard to get across just how good it is to actually feel like you are sitting there inside the actual cockpit. The sensation is something I thought I would never experience. It also makes everything easier. Turning switches, setting flaps, reading the dials all enhanced. When I fly and look out of the window in a turn, you get that vertigo sensation in your stomach. The inner ear is being tricked so well it has a physical impact on your senses.


Flight Preperation

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All of the above programs are used before and during a typical flight I do in FSX. I realised this when I started organising my desktop in a more logical manner (I have nothing better to do) So this lead me on to see how long it takes before I even leave the virtual ground. It turns out in some cases over an hour! I suppose I enjoy the process of preparation as much I do the challenge of flying a big jet aircraft.

I always start with downloading the latest real world weather. From this most of the other programs rely heavily on that data to calculate fuel etc. I then calculate how much weight I will be carrying and then from there can start thinking about the route. I then get take off and landing performance data and then send all this to the air traffic control and navigation programs I use. Make a cup of tea and start cockpit preparation, load the FMC, taxi and take-off.

All this when I’m not organising my desktop.

Flying Around The World

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For years I have wanted to take on a project like this and I have finally started it today. Flying around the world in a flight simulation really isn’t that easy. Us sim nerds are deeply interested in realism and all the hassle that goes with it.
I recently purchased the Piper Comanche 250 from Accu Sim. I am not usually a general aviation flyer but when I read reviews pitching this as one of the most realistic aircraft to be simulated on PC I had to have a look. I’m not interested in flying these distances in a 737-800 or 777 for that matter. This has to be balls to the ceiling proper flying. This means using VOR and NDB’S for navigation (I will have a GPS) and fuel constraints. The beauty and the reason why I finally managed to get this project underway is that the Comanche simulates wear and tear. You have to look after it or it will bite you in the ass. If your spark plugs get dirty because you’re not starting it in the correct way as per the checklist, the simulation will let you know. The cockpit vibrates if you don’t get the engine settings right and the list goes on and on. Brilliant stuff.
Attached for anyone that maybe interested is the whole route plan. This of course will change due to weather (yes that’s all realistically simulated)
My first flight starts in Scotland at Preswick Airport EGPK and hopefully takes me all the way to Cambridge in the south of England. The weather hasn’t been great lately so hopefully I will be able to depart today.
I will keep you posted.



Inbound Amsterdam

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It’s been 3 months since I last did a flight in FSX. It takes me about 20 minutes to plan (if I’m honest I enjoy this part the most) it then takes 10 minutes to make sure all my controls are set correctly. Nothing more annoying than spending 20 minutes or so starting the aircraft up with the numerous checks, switches and levers and find you can’t turn on take-off (happened loads of times). Then about 2 hours of flying. I only do short flights and yes 2 hours is short in this world. Some guys do 8 to 16 hours of flying straight.

Anyway took off from Gatwick to Amsterdam with a quality manual landing on 36C.

I’m getting the WarGames out.


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I have had this in my virtual hanger for years now. This is the first simulation i bought from PMDG and it cost a small fortune back then and would still be regarded as a small fortune for a sim by today’s standards at $79.00. Back then my PC was older and it struggled to run this at any reasonable FPS. It’s been nagging me at the back of my mind to dust it off and try it out again. So i did and boy is it good. I would say it’s right up there with the 737-800 NGX. Not as polished but in terms of complexity and system depth it is on par. I forgot how massive it is and that weight comes across so well within the simulation.

PMDG MD-11.1

The FMS is simulated so well that you can use the actual MacDonald Douglass manual that pilots are issued with to programme it to a high degree of accuracy. I printed the manuals out for this back in the day and thankfully i still have them.


Running this fantastic simulation now on a modern rig is great. I’m off to New York virtually of course.

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