The Plan

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The 3 objectives for me are not to be tackled at all at once. The briefing says the Germans are going to get reinforcements from the north and I want to stop them or at least delay them from busting through to help there friends out. So I’m going to send a blocking force to the north west and hopefully get them in a good defensive position in anticipation of this force.

While they are in place I’m going to launch an attack on the northern most objective with a reserve force in place to flank any positions that may need it. I want to punch a hole right through the German positions so I can get to the rear if that is possible. So I want an armoured assault to do this. Not the most intricate of plans but like me i like to keep it simple.

If that works out I can prevent the reinforcements from helping out, I might have a chance then to look south at the other objectives but for the time being I’m going to be patient and not greedy.

Burning Metal Plan 1

Burning Metal

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I am about to begin a Command Ops scenario created by Ranger3X. It was played out by Chris which you can read at his blog The Sharp End Gaming (both great blogs that i catch up on a regular basis.) Anyway im pleased i have found time to sit here and get stuck into this fantastic game again. Whenever life is busy and i get a bit of time i always want to do this. So hopefully i can report back with some news on how this all pans out.

I’m going to play the side of the attacking forces in the form of The US 2nd Armored division. Up against The German 1st SS Panzer Division. I have 3 objectives to my west. Reehorst in the north, Bennekom directly to the west and Wagenngen to the south.  Two major routes of approach with one in the south and one in the north and a rail track running more or less in the middle. Time to plan.

If you want to download this you can get it HERE.

Burning Metal

We Fight and Die Here AAR Part 1

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Following some advice from “Bletchley Geek” I decided to try the “We Fight and Die Here” scenario in Command Ops.

These scenarios are based on historical fact and as such i took the unusual step for me to read up on  what happened in an effort to improve my overall situational awareness. Before i started reading i wasn’t to sure if this would help or not but it would still be interesting nonetheless.

It turns out that reading up about this particular part of the Battle Of The Bulge helped me immensely. Another interesting note about this particular scenario is the fact it was the last ever German Airborne Operation of the European War (Operation Stosser). That story in it self is worthy of a Hollywood movie. Oberst von der Heydte was given one week to set this operation up and he had everything going against him. Most of his troops had never jumped before, it was to be a drop at night in hills and forests with a vague idea of the amount of enemy troops in that area and to top it all off it was snowing and some of the pilots had never flown the type of aircraft that would make the drop. It was a miracle they even got off the ground let alone parachute.

Anyway back to the mission in hand.

My orders are to………

Defend these 3 points on the map from a force of Germans consisting of a lot of armour.


This force is going to come from the East. I have command of the 1st Infantry Division famously known as The Big Red One. With just over 4000 troops at first it seems i have plenty to manage a strong defence but i could always do with more. My main focus to the East is to defend Dom Butgenbach an important route into the area.



I deploy A B C Company of the 26th Infantry Regiment in some pine woods west south-west of Dom Butgenbach and order them to dig in facing the approach. 4 other company’s of the 26th i order to move South to hit them hard from the North with artillery fire in support. The rest of the units are to defend in situ for the time being because after reading into this battle i can expect some of those Airborne troops to land somewhere close.

Command Ops: Höfen Ho-Down AAR

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I have been trying to learn Command Ops Battles For The Bulge in an effort to use more thought out tactics in this mission Hofen Ho-Down. In this scenario i am tasked with holding the line and defending some key strongholds that have crossing points the Germans need for there advance.I get 20 points for holding 4 strongholds. Monschau being the largest urban area i decide to make this the main defence with strongholds North and South of me i can use it as a type of reserve to bolster any of the smaller units above and below.


There is not a lot i can do to begin with except make sure the units defend in situ and react to the enemy attack as it happens. I move a few forces into higher ground and find bettor cover for some units and tell them to defend.The clock begins and my positions in the South look like they are getting probed. I let the AI take care of a lot of the defence and it does a great job.The Southern positions are clearly taking the brunt of this attack as the day goes on so i send reinforcements to help out. The 146th Engineering Battalion are sent. Not the obvious units to send but these blokes are fresh.


They arrive just in time before more German units get to the battle. The Germans want these crossings badly but all there forces seem to be concentrated in one place. I send an Armoured unit to help out and this has a great effect on pushing them back.


I win a marginal victory (my first)

Command Ops and The Site

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I haven't posted in a few days ok more than that but I have been hard at work making some changes to the website itself. A lot of it database optimisation ready for a big change. I have also been practicing my DCS Huey flights which I have to say are going well now. I had to get my head buried into some good tutorials and do some reading which has made a lot of the issues I had more clear now. Command Ops Battle For The Bulge is thankfully taking shape and I have some draft posts to tidy up.