Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations

This looks very promisng.

From the site.

A comprehensive wargame of air & naval (and limited ground) military operations from post-WW2 to the near future, covering scenarios of both total-war and low-intensity/other-than-war situations. The scale is primarily tactical/operational, although strategic-scale operations are also possible.


  1. Powerful, intuitive 3D-globe (Google Earth-style) user interface with multiple map layers
  2. Aircraft, surface ships, submarines, land units, strategic & space forces are at your disposal
  3. Extensive, detailed simulation databases modeling faithfully the capabilities & limitations of each asset
  4. Plenty of scenarios covering multiple historic and hypothetical conflicts, plus an integrated scenario editor
  5. Tremendous flexibility of scale: From counter-piracy skirmishes to strategic nuclear war
  6. Detailed modeling of air (including near-space) and naval operations, both surface and underwater, supported by high-quality physics, sensor/EW, terrain and weather, weapon and damage models
  7. Good modeling of land-based forces (relevant to air/naval/space operations)
  8. Mine and mine-countermeasure operations
  9. Nuclear operations (possibly other special-weapon categories)
  10. Recorder & replay ability