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It takes a lot of ammunition to suppress the AT gun on the left flank but eventually 1st Platoon takes the position without taking a casualty. The left is starting to open up.

CM 4

Boldness Is My Brother- Combat Mission-Part 1

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I haven’t had much of a chance to try missions from Market Garden so today I decided to try Boldness Is My Brother which puts me in command of a company sized group of infantry with some tank support.
My mission is to take a road junction and farm complex. The approaches are open and the enemy has AT guns and Armour. I certainly don’t want to expose my tanks in the early stages with this being a great place to defend against armour because it is so open. I am going to have to get good recon and probe the left and right flanks to find some sort of opening.

CM 1


The windmills provide an obvious starting point to get eyes on the whole battlefield so I send the observers and B Company HQ element to start looking for the enemy. I give very small target arcs because I don’t want to expose themselves.

CM 2


As soon as they get into position they start spotting enemy in particular some AT positions.  The left flank has an AT gun that needs dealing with. This flank also provides the best cover for fire support unlike the horribly exposed right. This I decide has to be the main route of attack. I order 2 squads to open fire from cover on the AT gun. It doesn’t take long to suppress them so i send a squad on a right flank attack which has a ditch leading up to the position.

CM 3


This small attack is going well but i know have to be aware of in-depth positions. I can’t afford to worry too much about this at the moment because i have to open up a flank.

This is going to be tough for an amateur like me but here goes.

A Lesson Learnt

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I got up early and was reading through this brief article giving advice on how to employ armour in Combat Missions. I immediately thought of a mission i was struggling on and thought this would be a great scenario to try those tactics out. Basically it says when moving armour and giving it way-points to check those way-points with the target feature to see if the tank is hull down or not and to give target armour arcs that are tight and facing any known enemy positions.

The mission is Cats Chasing Dogs from Combat Missions Battle For Normandy. It’s not to complicated you just have to get all your forces to the end of the map without taking to many casualties. So with that advice in mind i moved my armour up very slowly with a small dismounted recon force from one of the Jeeps to give me some scouts for forward observation. This worked out really well. The infantry using the hunt command moved forward and saw 3 armoured enemy vehicles. I then moved my 3 M8’s in bounds while giving mutual support by using the pause command for 5 seconds so at least one of them was stationary at any given time with a tight armour arc on the area where the infantry had spotted the vehicles. Boom!! Boom!!! Boom!! the enemy was destroyed very quickly.

This then allowed me to get my infantry up to that line and then i continued all the way through the map using the exact same tactics. Slowly but effectively. It worked out really well and i got a decisive victory.Of course I’m on basic training mode here but this sort of thing gives me great confidence in other scenarios. It’s very satisfying seeing real world tactics working in a game like this.