Guns Guns Guns

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Having a great time this holiday period. Hearts Of Iron 3 campaign is going well and i can now just about land the DCS Huey see this video for proof. I have bought and downloaded Flaming Cliffs 3. I have avoided this module because for me it’s the lightweight version in terms of complexity but no one can deny the fun that can be had dogfighting in F-15C’s with guns only against a friend online.This has basically killed many hours of my time but it has been an absolute hoot. Check out my perfect guns solution on my good friend Chump (appropriately named might i add ūüôā


First try in DCS Huey.

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As promised a quick video of my first attempt at a takeoff and landing in the DCS Huey. Some swearing so turn the speakers down in case the kids can hear.


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All i have been doing¬†lately¬†with regards to anything simulation is DCS stuff. No¬†apologies¬†, it really is the best stuff out there at the moment for just the shear joy of flying from the desktop. I have to admit and as you can see from previous posts I found the P-51 Mustang to be a bit underwhelming but after getting into the manual and¬†reading¬†about this awesome aircraft i have top say this is slowly becoming a favourite. The flight model is superb. Of course i have never flown any aircraft but this one really makes me feel like i am flying and creates that all to¬†elusive¬†illusion¬†of doing just that. If you¬†haven’t¬†already got it and are just thinking about it, stop that now and buy it!

I was doing some low level flying in the hills this evening.



Easy CBU-97 tutorial.

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As promised I made a very quick and easy CBU-97 tutorial for the DCS A10. No cuts it’s all live so you can see the mistakes I make. Nothing to technical but a quick handy reminder and guide to get you going. Next time I’m going to make a more in depth version with the intention of showing how you can use the on board computer to allow for wind correction.