F/A18 C Manual

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In anticipation of DCS’s up coming F/18C, I have been getting my hands on as much literature, media and any other stuff as I can to get clued up on what is supposed to be another study simulation surpassing the A-10 C.  I have never purchased any Haynes manuals before but I have seen them on various sites etc. Mine arrived today and it has far exceeded my expectations. Full of useful information and interesting data.

I also recently saw the documentary Jetstream about rookie pilots training to become F/A18 C fighter pilots in the Canadian Air Force. Some don’t make it. The detail that goes into the modules they all have to pass is great. So much so I have recreated the flights within DCS (in an f-15c) with some good success. I have made a video including the relevant documentary footage to demonstrate this. Just needs some editing.


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If you discount the crap title (Enya song every time I see it) this simulation of sailing on the oceans of the world is a bit of a dream game come true for me.

I used to work in a brewery…………side note, my second name is Brewer and I was a Brewers Assistant making beer in the Brewing department. The job had my name written all over it. Anyway, I used to work with this guy who we used to call the hippy. He had his sailing masters certificate and a million other professional qualifications that allow him to deliver yachts all over the world; which is what he does now for a living.He used to talk about sailing with such enthusiasm during our shifts that you couldn’t help but get swept along with it all. Previously I had done a bit of sailing with the Royal Marines when I was based in Cyprus but this was low-key introductory stuff.

This really had an effect on me. My affair with the seas extends to sea kayaking now but I always yearn to go further. Money, job, life simply won’t allow it unless I become completely wreck less. So this simulation which allows you to sail the world’s sea and oceans using real-time weather should in some way fill a tiny portion of an otherwise large gap in my life. In Sailaway, the oceans of the planet have been recreated with unparalleled accuracy; making a trip across the Pacific can take months, just as it would on a real boat. With a persistent online world, adjust your settings and your boat will continue to sail even if you aren’t online. Receive updates via email as your boat continues its progress.

I can’t wait to get it.

WWII Battle Tanks: T-34 vs Tiger

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Another tank sim I had no idea existed until about an hour ago. This was released in 2008 and it’s made by the same guys who did Steel Fury Kharkov 1942. The lineage of these games can take you all the way through to Graviteam Tactics Mius Front. I’ve been having a blast commanding the Tiger against Soviet forces in the German campaign. Not as complicated as Steel Fury but tactics are still a must to get anywhere.

If you get your hands on it, you need to do a couple of things to get it running in Windows 10. Nothing complicated, just add  2 dll files to the game directory and run the exe in Win xp 2 mode. It runs really well on Windows 10 without any crashes and very good fps.

If you need any of these files I will be happy to send them on.

Edit – I seem to get a lot of requests for this file so here is a direct link.

Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa

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Today my wife ran her first full Marathon. 26.2 miles in the bag. This of course has nothing to do with one of the battles that took place during WW2 that literally changed the world and still has repercussions to this day. There is a tenuous link so please bare with me. I was in Chester today (the place of the marathon) and while my lovely wife was running in the sunshine I had a few hours to spare. I found myself in a second-hand bookshop and found this little book on sale for a couple of quid. It caught my eye because I have recently purchased Decisive Campaigns Operation Babarossa. This was recommended to me by a proper war gamer, Chris from The Sharp End Of Gaming (check out his great blog) many moons ago.



I have gone through the 14 video tutorials and have worked my way tentatively around the UI. My forays into Hex gaming are not extensive and I dived into the deep end with Gary Grigsbys War In The East recently. I do enjoy them but I do find them hard.

The first thing I liked about Decisive Campaigns was the decision-making process. This aspect of the game gave me great pleasure. The reports after every turn press all my buttons. Data and lots of it. I suppose and this is just an initial thought is the skill to use this data to your advantage. The layout and the way this is all presented provides a wonderful experience to me the new player of these games.

I’m having a lot of fun playing this and find myself going back over the tutorials with enthusiasm I haven’t experienced in a long time since I started playing games like Command Ops. Different games I know but both providing many years of pleasure into the future.

This Operational Level warfare is fantastic.


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