Falcon 4.0 Prima’s Official Strategy Guide.

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“To be a successful (and lethal) Falcon pilot, you must understand concepts like aspect angle, antenna train angle, collision antenna train angle, offset turning room and conversion turns”

Falcon 4.0 Prima Strategy Guide

Primas Official Strategy Guide for Falcon 4.0 is full of golden nuggets like this.  Although Falcon 4.0 is long in the tooth now and we all fly BMS 4.33, the literature in the manuals is still relevant to us that fly and fight in the virtual skies. That’s because it’s physics and that’s not going to change if we still fly jets.

I am a sucker for a good old fashioned, thick manual. The Falcon 4.0 manual must be one of my favourites. It weighs a lot but more importantly it is good. I have 3 copies. Why? Well, one is the original manual I bought when I got the simulation back in 1998 and this is well thumbed, full of coffee stains and stinks of nicotine from the days when I smoked. The other is a pristine copy that I never use. It’s just there as a fresh copy. I also have the binder version which I think was released in the USA. Ridiculous I know.

I had Primas Strategy Guide for Falcon 4.0 about 5 years ago,I sold it among other things on eBay. It sold for £30 much to my surprise. I have seen them being sold for as much as £70! Anyway, this copy was on eBay for 20 quid so I got it. It feels like the collection is complete.

Falcon 4.0 Prima Strategy Guide Falcon 4.0 Prima Strategy Guide

BFM – The Lucky Approach.

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BFM or Basic Basic Fighter Maneuvers Is a fundamental skill that any fighter pilot should master. I enjoy it and often set up dogfights with various types of aircraft. In a one versus one scenario with a neureral setup IE: Head on against AI or a human component your fist move once into the merge is crucial. This is where the fight can be lost in a split second. In the video below however I give a classic example of good fortune on my behalf. Most of the time if I did something this stupid I would get my arse handed to me.

I’m off to read more “Fighter Combat” by L. Shaw.





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I have been busy handing off targeting data from my targeting pod to bore sight my Maverick missiles. This is now the new language of BMS 4.33. I have been plowing through the new tutorials in order to learn all the new stuff that has been added to this fine sim. They have done a great job and it is now even more realistic. The Mavericks for instance used to be quite an easy air to ground missile to launch, now it’s got to be one of the more complex weapons to set up and use adding more demand in an already busy environment. Add in some realistic weather and terrain following radar capabilities the tactical decisions before each mission become critical which of course is the way it should be.

So I have set up a mission where I have to take out any armor I find defending a bridge in mountainous terrain at a given location. Tough so far but I’m doing this at night the weather is awful so I have to fly low………even harder. The target is a very long way from my airfield so I have to refuel on the way to target and refuel before I get home.  Oh and the target area is defended by IR surface to air missiles, Tripple A and a mobile SAM.

Should be fun.



BMS 4.32 Setup

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I have recently hooked back up with some guys who I fly online with the BMS simulation. Over the weekend I managed to get a few bits of hardware setup to make it easier to use some of the cockpit functions. Nothing to expensive here. I made a quick video showing it’s function better than I can describe sitting here typing.




F-16 BMS 4.32 Dash 1

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I got the BMS 4.32 Flight Manual printed off in A5 size. I’m a bit old school and like the thick manuals that weigh a lot. This manual is so well written it was worth doing. I got it done in black and white to save on cost but this causes no problems.