Operation Star Binge

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There is a positive to having a multiple fractured rib cage and that is I get to sit here in front of my PC guilt free and just play. I have been spending many hours in a campaign in Graviteam Tactics Operation Star. The more I play the better this game gets. The battles are mind-blowing. I found myself staring in awe at the dark, disturbing fight taking place on a hill overlooking Shilovo.

Bring on the broken ribs and let me PLAY!!


SABOW – The real beast.

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Having a great time getting back into Steel Armor Blaze Of War. The more I learn the more I find out how great this simulation is. It’s a steep learning curve, not because it’s highly complicated but it’s simply unforgiving if you just blaze in all gung-ho!! The tutorial videos I have been putting on YouTube are what I am learning as I go along. I always have huge breaks from a particular game and I use them to refer to when I need them and if they help others all the better.

The latest one I have made is on the M60A1 sights. I am going to do one on the T-62 once I have worked it
out myself. I have already found a few things I didn’t know existed such as the zoom level that can go much higher than I previously thought.

If you are just considering getting this I would head over to Steam and add it to your wish list, wait for
the frequent sales and then get it. Be prepared to spend some time in battle and use cover as much as
possible you really do have to find your way round and flank the enemy. Or you will end up like this
every time.


Command Ops 2

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I decided to get the 2nd installment of Command Ops 2 simply because it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I got the Commanders Pack for  $49.99 on the current sale. Despite not having much time to play I know in the future I will be kicking myself not to get all that content for such a great price. I have had a few goes and love the fact you can move info windows around. I have mine on a second monitor while I have the map on my main screen. It works really well and it’s nice to have the information at hand instead of digging around for it. I think I will get into this more during the winter when I will have more time to delve into it and savor some battles.

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SABOW Update.

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Steel Armor Blaze Of War has had a “remastered update” This will be released on the Steam Platform soon.


– updated to the recent version of Graviteam Tactics Operation Star engine
– international version (Eng/Rus in one package; determined from the OS language)
– slightly modified interface and adjusted game mechanics
– revised Iran and training battlefields
– M60 and T-62 interactive cockpit
– M60 and T-62 driver night vision devices added

If you bought the game earlier, simply re-download it in your library.

sabow update