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3 great books arrived today. Battle For The Bulge, It Never Snows in September and Jane’s Tank Recognition Guide. The first two are to expand on my limited knowledge of these 2 very famous battles after getting into Command Ops Battle For The Bulge which is based very accurately on the historical tactical skirmishes of that time and likewise It Never Rains In September is all about Operation Market Garden.

Jane’s recognition guide i got because i thought i knew a lot about tanks with me being an ex Infantryman in The British Army but it turns out i know nothing after playing Steel Beasts Pro. Plus i find the subject quite interesting anyway and why not? My Dad was in the forces and as such i got to play on Armoured vehicles like the Scorpion and Spartan when i was a kid so its great reading up about these playground toys of my youth.


SB Pro Mission Design

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I have started to dive into and have a go at mission designing in Steel Beasts Pro. This SB Pro wiki is a fantastic source of information and has helped me out a lot. It has saved me from posting the often repeated questions within the forums.

My first mission is a “defend the bridges” scenario with joint European and US forces in the defence role and Russian armour in the attacking role. In SB Pro you can give the option for specific “deployment Zones” i’m quite generous with mine because for me the planning phase within this tank sim is as much fun and interest as the sim itself. Don’t get me wrong i still enjoy blowing the shit out of enemy armour but i have to admit i spend more time planning than i do fighting.

Command Ops. Advance to the Sure River.

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My orders in this mission are to advance to the Sure river on a broad front in an effort to secure various crossings on the Sure river. I have at my disposal 6 battalions of infantry at various strengths some tanks and Artillery support.


My immediate concern is to get the troops through a valley onwards up a steep ridge that is covered in Forest  Tough terrain to fight in but it needs to be done. To begin with i am going to attack at 3 points with the intention of sweeping west in a large force to flank the enemy closer to the Sure river. Looking at the bigger picture i can see my forces taking casualties in the first phase of the attack. So instead of sticking to the broad front i want to take each crossing in force one by one.

That is an outline of my plan and like all plans they go tits up at the point of contact.

Steel Beasts Pro (Personal Edition)

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It was time to get Steel Beasts Pro loaded again. You need a usb dongle to play this tank simulator and i had lost mine until yesterday. My son found it in his toy box (wonder how that got there) Anyway i am getting my arse kicked in this sim at the moment. I lack any tactics and those i do try to employ are obviously rubbish.

Steel Beasts Pro is pretty hardcore. The sim itself is used extensively to teach real tank crews tactics and strategy  Something i clearly lack.


Command Ops Battle from the Bulge

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For a long time i have been looking for a grand strategy game based on world war 2 that isn’t turn based. I simply don’t like the turn based games and yes i have tried them. They are to much like a board as opposed to a more realistic RTS game. No hexi block things for me. Anyway this brings me onto this little gem. Command Ops Battle for The Bulge. It has no 3D flashy graphics far from it, it is played just with icons but these icons represent units that are very realistic and true to the world war 2 era of military Divisions, Regiments, Battalions and Company  It is more suited to setting up your tactics from a battalion level but if your one of those people that like to micro manage then your taken care of here. The AI is fantastic. You give a battalion the task of taking a small bridge and it will complete that attack in a realistic manner using tactics used from that time. I simply love it. Loads to learn and definitely not a click fest.

I also have Command Ops Highway to the Riech based on the Operation Market Garden. Which this screenshot is taken from.

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