2016 A Plan

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I have banged on about this before but the problem is still here and it haunts me to the point I cry in the shower sitting down holding my knees nags me. It’s the too many games problem. I made another list. I have to stop doing this but I did it anyway. In no particular order.

  1. BMS 4.33
  2. Silent Hunter 4
  3. Dangerous Waters
  4. Command Modern/Air Naval Operations
  5. Command Ops 2
  6. Combat Missions Battle For Normandy
  7. Victoria 2
  8. Graviteam Tactics Operation Star
  9. Steel Beats Pro
  10. Steel Armor Blaze Of War
  11. DCS – and lots of modules
  12. FSX
  13. Project Cars
  14. Dirt Rally
  15. Empire Total War
  16. Arma 3
  17. Elite Dangerous
  18. IL2 Stalingrad
  19. Close Combat Caen
  20. Hearts Of Iron 4 – when it comes out
  21. Wargame – Red Dragon

I have numerous more games and some of these I don’t even know how to play. BOO HOO!! I hear you cry. I know I sound like a spoiled little brat and at the moment where this is going I have to agree with you.

So there is no way I can seriously play all of these to any good level unless I quit my job, sell my kids and divorce my wife (sound like a plan) So i’m going to do some time management. I could break these games down into groups. I will always play games such as BMS and DCS and I want to learn how to play Command Ops and Victoria 2 properly.

So in 2016 one of my new years resolutions is to be a bit more organised and dedicate time to a particular game after all they are not going anywhere unless I delete them. This is the end of the spoiled brats post. I’m off to make more lists and groups.

Elite Dangerous

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I have wanted to get my hands on this game for a long time but the initial asking price was way out of my range. Steam recently had a sale on and I got it for a 10 quid. This seems to be the way I get all my games now.


I had heard that docking was particularly hard so I was looking forward to having a crack at that. Look away now because this is the bit where I say it’s easy and come across as a massive big head. It was easy. Really easy. It was a luxury to have so many dimensions to move about in. Didn’t quite line up right? no problem just put some sideslip in and if you want a bit of yaw while not moving and worrying about hovering. You space cadets have it easy 🙂


I played the original Elite (yep I’m that old) way back in the day. I didn’t really get into it but I had a lot of fun travelling around. The inerface and UI in the various menus in this game are the best I have ever seen and add so much to the pleasure of playing. I have only gone through the training menus so far and over the X-Mas period I will dive in more deeper. So far so good.