Flight Preperation

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All of the above programs are used before and during a typical flight I do in FSX. I realised this when I started organising my desktop in a more logical manner (I have nothing better to do) So this lead me on to see how long it takes before I even leave the virtual ground. It turns out in some cases over an hour! I suppose I enjoy the process of preparation as much I do the challenge of flying a big jet aircraft.

I always start with downloading the latest real world weather. From this most of the other programs rely heavily on that data to calculate fuel etc. I then calculate how much weight I will be carrying and then from there can start thinking about the route. I then get take off and landing performance data and then send all this to the air traffic control and navigation programs I use. Make a cup of tea and start cockpit preparation, load the FMC, taxi and take-off.

All this when I’m not organising my desktop.


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Way back in the old days when I had a ZX Spectrum one of the first games I played was Air traffic Control. ATC simulations have always been….well….simulated on computers. It’s an easy relationship and when done well can get very close to the real thing which is the whole point.

Recently ATC Pro sold at Flight1 was released and this is without a doubt the benchmark of ATC sims. The voice recognition is fantastic. It’s not flawless but you won’t find any sort of voice recognition that is. With this though you don’t feel like you are fighting it. If you tell an aircraft to “Turn right heading zero one zero descend to three thousand feet” It will indeed do that and reply in the correct way. A lot of research has clearly gone into this to make as real as possible. For instance one of the facilities you can control is Seattle. There are videos on YouTube of controllers doing this for real. The comparison within the simulation to the video is superb. I recognise the procedures and the approaches. The controller is saying the stuff I say.

Forget all the other ATC simulation efforts out there this is the real deal. I have already ploughed a ridiculous amount of hours into this and long may that continue.

“Turn left inbound until established on the localiser”

Mius Front Artillery

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Took me ages to figure out. I bet there was a really easy explanation somewhere. Anyway I put together a quick video showing how to deploy off map artillery in Graviteam Tactics Mius Front. There are some differences from GTOS and I think they have done a great job with it. The map is huge and it opens up so much more tactical elements. In this game you don’t micro manage you plan and execute and get your ass whooped 🙂


Graviteam Tactics: MIUS-FRONT

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I was kindly sent a key to try the beta version out. I can firstly report that there has been a lot of changes to the UI. Much of it is familiar to anyone who has played the game before. I think It looks great. I have done a couple of quick battles and started a campaign. The campaigns in this game are huge. The maps are all rendered in glorious detail which is one of the games major strengths.

The battles now are even better and because of the larger scale I can hear smaller engagements from the other side of the map as I am organising and manoeuvring troops from afar. The smoke effects are fantastic and it makes you think about wind direction adding another layer in the tactical thinking.

I am going to record a first impressions video later and get it up as soon as I can.


Lost Campaign

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I upgraded to windows 10 and as such deleted all of my video footage of the Graviteam Tactics campaign I was going through on YouTube.

I got my butt kicked anyway so it’s not all bad news on my part. I have started a new one.

We have set-up a hotline for anyone to ring if they feel they can’t go on with life after hearing this clearly devastating news.