Command Ops 2 The Learning Curve

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After  following the tutorial for Command Ops 2 that I posted a few days ago I just got my first decisive victory!! I know it’s the tutorial  and my forces were far superior in equipment, supply and well, just about everything else it was still satisfying.

The best thing about it all was showing me a way to plan and approach the scenario. I took my time and studied my forces in much more detail than I normally would. I thought much more about the terrain and did the same sort of study with that. All adding up to much more enjoyable experience. Another part I thoroughly enjoyed was the less micro managing. I was looking at the bigger picture. I’m now a few hours into my next mission. This will prove to be a proper challenge I know but I don’t feel like I am flaying around in the dark anymore. Knowledge of equipment and how best to deploy is crucial I feel. I am still far from an expert but it’s another part of it that I am more confident in than what I was just a few months ago.




BFM – The Lucky Approach.

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BFM or Basic Basic Fighter Maneuvers Is a fundamental skill that any fighter pilot should master. I enjoy it and often set up dogfights with various types of aircraft. In a one versus one scenario with a neureral setup IE: Head on against AI or a human component your fist move once into the merge is crucial. This is where the fight can be lost in a split second. In the video below however I give a classic example of good fortune on my behalf. Most of the time if I did something this stupid I would get my arse handed to me.

I’m off to read more “Fighter Combat” by L. Shaw.




Building A Retro Rig

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Over the years I have purchased simulations from the past that I never played because my job at the time (Army) simply didn’t allow me to. There was a period of time from when I left school up to the point of joining up when I was on my ZX Spectrum flying and playing various sims. I missed out on all of the Jane’s combat simulations. So now thanks to eBay I have a good collection of them.

These old games from the 1990’s don’t run well on modern systems. I can get them going but they frequently crash and the install process is tedious. So I am going to build a retro PC. It will be based around Windows 98se.I have read some good articles on how this is best achieved but one of the most striking things for me was to get out of the mindset that fast is always good. These games were not designed to be played on super fast PC’s. I tried Janes longbow 2 on my rig and it was like flying at the speed of light.

So I am now trawling through car boot sales and auctions in order to get hold of these old parts.

Does anyone have a Voodoo FX 3 graphics card gathering dust anywhere 🙂

Flight Preperation

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fsx icons

All of the above programs are used before and during a typical flight I do in FSX. I realised this when I started organising my desktop in a more logical manner (I have nothing better to do) So this lead me on to see how long it takes before I even leave the virtual ground. It turns out in some cases over an hour! I suppose I enjoy the process of preparation as much I do the challenge of flying a big jet aircraft.

I always start with downloading the latest real world weather. From this most of the other programs rely heavily on that data to calculate fuel etc. I then calculate how much weight I will be carrying and then from there can start thinking about the route. I then get take off and landing performance data and then send all this to the air traffic control and navigation programs I use. Make a cup of tea and start cockpit preparation, load the FMC, taxi and take-off.

All this when I’m not organising my desktop.


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Way back in the old days when I had a ZX Spectrum one of the first games I played was Air traffic Control. ATC simulations have always been….well….simulated on computers. It’s an easy relationship and when done well can get very close to the real thing which is the whole point.

Recently ATC Pro sold at Flight1 was released and this is without a doubt the benchmark of ATC sims. The voice recognition is fantastic. It’s not flawless but you won’t find any sort of voice recognition that is. With this though you don’t feel like you are fighting it. If you tell an aircraft to “Turn right heading zero one zero descend to three thousand feet” It will indeed do that and reply in the correct way. A lot of research has clearly gone into this to make as real as possible. For instance one of the facilities you can control is Seattle. There are videos on YouTube of controllers doing this for real. The comparison within the simulation to the video is superb. I recognise the procedures and the approaches. The controller is saying the stuff I say.

Forget all the other ATC simulation efforts out there this is the real deal. I have already ploughed a ridiculous amount of hours into this and long may that continue.

“Turn left inbound until established on the localiser”