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If you discount the crap title (Enya song every time I see it) this simulation of sailing on the oceans of the world is a bit of a dream game come true for me.

I used to work in a brewery…………side note, my second name is Brewer and I was a Brewers Assistant making beer in the Brewing department. The job had my name written all over it. Anyway, I used to work with this guy who we used to call the hippy. He had his sailing masters certificate and a million other professional qualifications that allow him to deliver yachts all over the world; which is what he does now for a living.He used to talk about sailing with such enthusiasm during our shifts that you couldn’t help but get swept along with it all. Previously I had done a bit of sailing with the Royal Marines when I was based in Cyprus but this was low-key introductory stuff.

This really had an effect on me. My affair with the seas extends to sea kayaking now but I always yearn to go further. Money, job, life simply won’t allow it unless I become completely wreck less. So this simulation which allows you to sail the world’s sea and oceans using real-time weather should in some way fill a tiny portion of an otherwise large gap in my life. In Sailaway, the oceans of the planet have been recreated with unparalleled accuracy; making a trip across the Pacific can take months, just as it would on a real boat. With a persistent online world, adjust your settings and your boat will continue to sail even if you aren’t online. Receive updates via email as your boat continues its progress.

I can’t wait to get it.

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