Steel Division

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This looks interesting. Steel Division  Normandy 44 (yep, another title with the word steel) made by the same guys who made the Wargame series. My heart sank a little when I heard it was being developed by this company simply because it will probably be the same with a WW2 coat on. That’s great for some people but not me. However, when I started to read about it, they were saying things like “Fewer mouse clicks per minute” and “more tactical elements”.

Anyway, just a heads.

FSX Virtual Reality Video Overlay

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To use Virtual Reality in FSX you need to install a program called Flyinside. This alone is an incredible experience. The program also allows you to import any window. So I imported a video and it works really well. I have loads of training videos and I used to use multi monitors to fly the simulation and watch the videos at the same time. This though allows you to watch the video from within the cockpit.

I made a very short video to try to demonstrate this.

It’s always hard to get across just how good it is to actually feel like you are sitting there inside the actual cockpit. The sensation is something I thought I would never experience. It also makes everything easier. Turning switches, setting flaps, reading the dials all enhanced. When I fly and look out of the window in a turn, you get that vertigo sensation in your stomach. The inner ear is being tricked so well it has a physical impact on your senses.


DCS Virtual Reality – Oculus Rift

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My PC is just over 3 years old and at the time of buying it, it was far from a high-end machine.

  • i7-3770K (3.5GHz)
  • GTX 680
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1TB SSD

Last weekend I got the Oculus Rift with the intention of trying it on this system with low expectations and then upgrading my gfx card next month to a GTX 1070. When I set it up I jumped straight into DCS and dropped myself into the cockpit of the A-10C. I was blown away! “Dad stop swearing!” my daughter shouted as I was trying to describe the sensation of actually being there.

And that’s the point I was sitting inside something I was so familiar with. I know this cockpit but I had never sat there inside it. I could look around and see the detail that went into every switch and knob. Everything is huge. I had no idea how big these planes were or how big in scale the cockpit was. Taxing out I had the canopy open and felt the urge to put my arm on the side to rest, but of course it is not there.

Flying, I was breath taken and I really mean that in the physical sense. I was saying out loud “WOW!” “WOW!” “WOW!”

I had toned down the settings and had the pixel slider set at 1 but it still looks good. It looks awesome. I do get times where I get motion sickness from a low fps but most of the time it is fine and it gets better the more you do it. You adjust to it and I feel ok now after a week.

I can’t wait to get the new gfx card. This really is a game changer for me. This is a bigger leap than Track IR and I won’t fly these wonderful modules in any other way.


Observe Sights Fire!

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When I was in The British Army my bread and butter was to conduct the “Section Attack ” hard, fast and aggressively.  When I first joined up our training was focused around this attack. We spent days and days practicing them on the Welsh hills deep in the Brecon Beacons. So in ARM 3 I am trying to coordinate a typical section attack and all it’s phases. It’s actully turned out to be quite difficult. In fact, it’s a lot harder to do on a PC than in real life. I’m hoping it will give some insight into the thought processes a section commander has to consider, on the fly and how the situation unfolds.

Anyway, the video is coming on nicely now but I still have some editing and recording to do.

DCS Spitfire.

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I just got an early Chrismas present from my wife. The DCS Spitfire. My Dad was in the Royal Air Force and as such, I grew up moving from one fighter squadron to another. We also had to watch Battle Of Britain on numerous occasions. I once lived at RAF Kenley for a year which was a pivotal station during World War 2. I’ve only took it for a quick spin to get the controls set up etc. Judging by my numerous crashes I can see that landing is going to be quite a challenge as it is in real life with a tail wheel.

Anyway, I wish whoever comes over to my humble blog over years all the best and a Merry Christmas!!! Cheers!!

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